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Turbotville Train Station Back On Track!

Since the Turbotville Train Station was irreparably damaged on August 4, 2012, volunteers rallied and pre-assembled all new walls within 2 days. Over the course of the next three days, all the walls, roof trusses, and metal roof were installed with the use of a crane donated by Jim Styer of Turbotville. It's hard to believe that in just 5 short weeks since the train station was toppled by fierce winds, volunteers assembled an entirely new structure. We are well on our way to getting the train station completed on the exterior, once again. Windows have been repaired and are awaiting installation. New rough-cut board and batten hemlock lumber is on order to install on the exterior of the station and return it to what it looked like when it was originally built in 1886. Window and door frames will be installed soon to get the station buttoned-up for winter. We hope to have some electricity in the building soon to make it easier to cut wood so we don't have to rely on generators for our power. Thanks go out to all the volunteers who have assisted with the clean-up and rebuilding of our historic train station. And, many more thanks to those of you who have supported this project with your donations, merchandise purchases, and kind words of support.

A Piece of Railroad History - Railway Express Freight Cart

In the fall of 2011, the heritage society received a generous donation of an original Railway Express freight cart from Scott Baylor of Brook Park Farm, Lewisburg, and his brother Gary Baylor of the Country Cupboard Restaurant, also in Lewisburg. Since that time, heritage society member Leon Hagenbuch has restored the freight cart to its former self. Having been stored outside for many years, the cart needed virtually all the wood parts replaced or refurbished and the metal pieces needed scraped and repainted. With good bones to work with, Leon restored the freight cart with recycled wood and period paint colors. The cart still retains most of its original parts including axles, wood-spoke wheels with steel bands, and the original counter-balanced tongue and pull handle.

When the Turbotville Train Station was built in 1886, freight shipments were handled at the station by a company called "Adams Express" but, after a few short years, another company called "Railway Express" took over. We are lucky that the cart still retains a porcelain sign denoting it is from Railway Express. Once the train station is completed, it will be placed on permanent display.

The cart was featured in the June 2012 Turbotville Fireman's Parade. Signs were attached to the cart thanking contractor Frank Cotner of Milton and crane operator Jim Styer of Turbotville for the many hours of work they put into dismantling, transporting, and reassembling the train station.

We would like thank Gary and Scott for their donation and Leon for his many hours of restoring this important piece of railroading history.

Train Station Storm Damage

On Saturday, August 4, 2012 a severe storm came through Turbotville that caused a major amount of damage to the Turbotville Train Station. In just three short weeks, volunteers came to salvage as much of the train station as possible so those pieces could be incorporated into a new building. With the help of contractor Frank Cotner, crane operator Jim Styer, and about 20 volunteers, the train station was disassembled. Those pieces that could be saved included the entry and freight doors, windows, decorative brackets, and much of the interior wainscoting. The wind damage from August 4th rendered most of the remaining building unsafe to be reused. The heritage society Board of Directors, its members, and volunteers are dedicated to rebuilding the Turbotville Train Station as soon as possible.

Do You Have Turbotville Items?

Although we are currently focused on the Turbotville Train Station Relocation Project, the goal of our organization is to preserve as much about the local history of Turbotville as we can. With this in mind, if you have items you would like to donate for display, please let us know? We will gladly accept any items relating to the history of Turbotville in order to start an archive of information for future generations. Items such as billheads, newspaper clippings, maps, calendars, photographs, business cards or other paper documents can all be scanned and/or copied for inclusion in our archives so that you may retain your originals, if you wish. Other items such as local business advertising items, signs, crates, or any other items that contain Turbotville information may be donated fully to the heritage society or offered on loan for display once the train station project has been completed. We have already started to receive train station items, railroad related photos, and items that will become part of the permanent display in the train station. So, look through those boxes in the attic, basement, or garage and see what treasures you can uncover. Allow us to share those items, no matter how large or how small, so everyone can take a glimpse into the past of our town. Please contact TBHS President Michael Sechler at msechler@turbotville.org or by phone at 570-649-5289 about what items you have to include in the TBHS archives?